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Breathe Without You

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Breathe Without You

Breathe Without You 
F#                   Abm 
How Can I Breathe Without You? 
E                                  F# 
Breathe Without You 
I'll Never Breathe Without You! 

{Verse 1} 

Abm    E                        F# 
Drowing in the distance from me to you 
Abm                       E 
Underneathe The Surface, 
All Colors Fades To Blue 
Abm                     E 
Getting Through another night 
              B              F#       Abm 
Sleeping Through another day 
                E            F# 
Heaven Seems so far away 

{Intro/Chorus x2} 

{Verse #2} 

Abm            E 
Through the images that you've left behind 
     Abm                E 
Reflections of the harbour 
The Shore I'm Trying to find 
Abm                   E 
Getting trough another night 
               B          F#         Abm 
Sleeping through another day 
                E             F# 
Heaven Seems So far Away 


          Abm     E                        F# 
There maybe questions i don't get 
                       Abm             E 
There maybe answers i regret 
But there's too many things 
I can't forget 

{Wait The Intrumental And After The Intro/Chorus 2 times And Fade} 


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