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Don't Walk Away Chords

Miley Cyrus

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by nala1

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Don't Walk Away

G Em C D (use palm muting)*Listen to song to hear pattern 

Verse 1: 
G        Em 
Ive been running 
C                  D 
In circles all day long. 
G       Em 
I'm out of breath, 
C              D 
but I'm still going strong. 

C5*                         Am 
I'm gonna get you, yeah, no matter what they say. 
C5*                         Am            C5-D 
You think I'm losing, but I always get my way. 

G           Em            C          D 
Don't walk away when I'm talking to you. 
G             Em           C       D 
This ain't no time or your bad attitude. 
Don't gimme, 
That face. 
C                        D 
When you know I'm really down for the chase. 
Cause my hearts already in it 
And I'm never gonna quit it. 
When you finally gonna get it. 
Don't walk away. 

(Intro Chords again) 

Verse 2: 
G        Em 
You act, act like 
C            D 
That I don't have a clue. 
G         Em 
You think,you know it all, 
C          D 
but I'm so onto you. 

C5*               Am              C5*             Am 
You think you've figured out just how to win this game. 
C5*         Am                   C5*            Am 
I'm on your tracks, yeah, I know every move you make. 


     D    G 
Dont walk away. 

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