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Angelina Chords

Mike McClure

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Capo on 1st fret
A  E  A  B 
if she wanted to 
A                    E 
when she walked in a room 
          A   E 
she could own you 
A             E 
if she wanted to 
          A               E 
take your soul away from you 
            A               E 
leave you standin' on the avenue 
all brokenhearted 
if you didn't know 
she's got a fire down below 
and if she showed you 
you'd get caught up in that glow 
then you'd lose all self control 
now you beg her not to go 
once you got started 
A E Angelina A E when you turn your back on me A E i slide into the dream B you got me dreamin' A E til the hours are gone A E you pull me through the dawn A E and this scene plays on and on B til i wake up screaming E A out your name E A E A B Angelina
my eyes follow you across the street evening shadows swallowed up your feet and i slip back in the dream but i woke up in between to find you sleeping i touched you ran my fingers through your hair you smiled faintly and you caught me unawares when you led me up the stairs to that place inside you where my world you've been keeping (chorus)

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