Mike Bowling

solid rock and shifting sand

Mike Bowling

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solid rock and shifting sand

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E-----------3-p-0--------1-p-3--------0---------3- B---------1------------x------------x---1------0-- G-------x-------------x------------x----------0--- D-----2--------------2------------2----------0---- A---3--------------3------------3-----------2----- E------------------------------------------3------
intro twice Some(C)how I took my (G)eyes off of the (C)cross Don't (F)get me wrong I'm (G)not exactly (C)lost I can (F)see where I (G)need to be I can (Am)see just where I've (F)been (E/F)I'm somewhere between the (C)solid rock And (G)shifting (C)sand
Lord I (F)know right now that (G)you now where I (C)stand And I (Am)can't stand any more(G) of this (Dm)gray forsaken (G)land On my (F)knees I'm cryin' (G)out (Am)reaching for Your (F)hand (E/F)Somewhere between the (C)solid rock (G) And shifting (C)sand
You (C)know I never (G)aimed to let you (C)down And your (F)grace is the most (G)amazing thing I've (C)found Now (F)I surrender (G)all to You(C)right here(C/B)where I (Am)am (E/F)Somewhere between the(C)solid rock(G) And shifting(C)sand repeat chorus (F)Here's my heart, (G)here's my soul (Am)Here's a broken (F)man (E/F)Somewhere between the (C)solid rock (G)and shifting sand

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