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Mike Bowling

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	  		this may not be just like the recording, but it's 
the way I play it 
(A)I'm so(D) thankful God brought (A)you and me to(D)gether(A) 
For so (D)many years we (A)drifted aimless(D)ly 
Like (Em)two ships in the (Bm)darkness on the (G)ocean(G/F#) 
(Em)Oh so close, but (Bm)yet, so far (A)away 
There were (D)many times I'm (A)sure I passed right (D)by you 
Although our love was (A)destined, we moved(D) on 
Life was (Em)molding me so (Bm)I'd appreciate(G) you 
Now (Em)today our separate (A7)paths will be made (D)one 
As I (Bm)stand before the preacher and look(G)in your(D)eyes 
(D/A)For (Bm)better or for worse, I'll hold you (G)tight 
For a (A  / Bm)long time I have waited for the (G)one that God had (D)chosen 
I (Em)know He has brought you in my (A)life 
To(G)gether we'll walk on 
For(Em) today our separate(A7) paths will be made (D)one 
When I (D)look upon your (A)face I found the (D)answer 
Within my heart I (A)knew you'd be my(D) wife 
I sought (Em)God for His (Bm)perfect will and (G)blessing 
I can't (Em)believe He put an (Bm)angel in my (A)life 
I (D)promise you that (A)I will love and(D) cherish 
Should you (D)face a time of (A)weakness, I'll be(D) strong 
I (Em)pledge to you my (Bm)faithfulness and (G)honor 
For (Em)today our separate (A7)paths will be made (D)one 
repeat chorus 
Yeah...yeah....to(G)gether we'll walk on 
For (Em)today our separate (A7)paths will be made (D)one 


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