Toy Boy


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Toy Boy

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      D                 G 
I?m a wind-up toy in an up-down world 
       A                               Asus4 
If you leave me all alone, I?ll make a mess for sure 
       D                    G 
I?ve a heart of gold in the smallest size 
A                                  Asus4 
Leave me in the dark, you?ll never hear me cry 

D                 G 
More than an illustration 
A               Asus4 
Points of articulation 
D                 G 
Come to life on a brass spring 
Such a wonderful plaything 

       D                  G 
It?s a cruel cross that I have to bear 
       A                                Asus4 
If you come a little close I?m going to pull your hair 
          D               G 
More than just a toy in a patched blue suit 
A                               Asus4 
Hold me in your arms I?m just a boy like you 

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