Grace Kelly


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Grace Kelly

	  		Intro G (bass note) to F# (bass note)  

Do I attract you?  
			 D	 G  
Do I repulse you with my queasy smile?  
Am I too dirty?  
Am I too flirty?  
	D	   G  
Do I like what you like?  

I could be wholesome  
I could be loathsome  
	     D		G  
I guess Im a little bit shy  
Why dont you like me?  
			     D		G  
Why dont you like me without making me try?  

G		                   Dm	   
I try to be like Grace Kelly  
Am			                     D 
But all her looks were too sad  
G		   	    Dm  
So I try a little Freddie  
Am		                 D  
Ive gone identity mad!  
G I could be brown I could be blue C I could be violet sky I could be hurtful D I could be purple G I could be anything you like
Gotta be green Gotta be mean C Gotta be everything more Why dont you like me? D Why dont you like me? G Why dont you walk out the door! G How can I help it How can I help it C How can I help what you think? C Hello my baby D Hello my baby G Putting my life on the brink G Why dont you like me Why dont you like me C Why dont you like yourself? Should I bend over? D G Should I look older just to be put on the shelf? (Pre-Chorus) (Chorus) C Cm G Say what you want to satisfy yourself C Cm G G/F# Em D A7 Cm But you only want what everybody else says you should want (Chorus) End... Em, D, C, Bm, Am, G F---

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