Mick Harvey

Photograph Chords

Mick Harvey

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by gustsilva

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  		Song Name: Photograph 
Album Name: Two of Diamonds (2007) 

Intro part 1 (repeat twice): 
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e|-1----0---------1-----------------0----------------0h1---------------------| B|-2-------2------3-----3-----------1--------1-------2-----------------------| G|-3--------------3---------3-------0----2-----------3-----------------------| D|-0--------------3-----------------2----------------0-----------------------| A|----------------1-----------------3----------------------------------------| E|----------------1-----------------0----------------------------------------| Intro part 2: E|--0----0----0----0h1---------------------------------------------------------------| B|--1----1----1----2-----------------------------------------------------------------| G|--0----0----0----3-----------------------------------------------------------------| D|--2----2----2----0-----------------------------------------------------------------| A|--3----3----3----------------------------------------------------------------------| E|--0----0----0----------------------------------------------------------------------|
Verse: (Note, on the G chord, use a G barre chord) Dm Bb C Dm There's a photograph in a haunted room Bb C Dm filled with memories that have gone too soon Bb C Dm and as i pass by everyday G Am Dm i say why does it make me feel this way Bb C Dm there is life in the setting of the sun Bb C Dm and you know I think that it should go on Bb C Dm but as it turns around everyday G Am Dm I say why does it make me feel this way G Am Dm why does it make me feel this way (Repeat Intro part 1 four times, then play intro part 2) Bb C Dm laughing sun and laughing moon Bb i think they should be C Dm and i want to be too Bb C Dm but as it turns out i have to say G Am Dm why does it make me feel this way G Am Dm why does it make me feel this way G Am Dm why does it make me feel this way (Repeat intro 1 twice)

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