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The Actor Chords

Michael Learns To Rock

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by dongregers

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The Actor

	  Intro: F F6 F#4 F 

F                    G              C 
He takes you out and he takes you up  
'cause he can show you so much  
G#       A#             D#            G# 
I go to bed and tomorrow again  
Fm                  Gsus             G 
there's a lot of work to be done  

He gives you gold and he'll promise you  
the whole world will be yours  
I just can tell you I love you so  
even though my odds are low  
F G C F I'm not an actor I'm not a star Dm F/C G and I don't even have my own car G# A# D# G# But I'm hoping so much you'll stay Gsus G C that you will love me anyway
The dirty games and the neonshows this is the world he knows Watching the stars satisfies my soul thinking of him makes me feel so cold The fancy cars and the restaurants you're just so fond of the man Sometimes I wonder if you are blind can't you see, he's got dirt on his mind Chorus: I'm not an actor… Solo over vers Chorus: I’m not an actor…ad lib

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