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by Dario17

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Year: 2005 - Album: It's Time

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	  Intro: G D/F# Em D C9 D G D   
G                  D/F#   
Another summer day    
has come and gone away    
In Paris and Rome    
               C9     D G    D   
but I wanna go home ..  mmm   
G                  D/F#   
Maybe surrounded by    
a million people I   
still feel all alone    
I just wanna go home    
   D              G     D   
I miss you, you know    
Cadd9 And I've been keeping all the letters D/E Em that I wrote to you, G/A A Each one a line or two Cadd9 D I'm fine baby, how are you? Cadd9 Esus Em I would send them but I know that it's just not enough F7+ My words were cold and flat D And you deserve more than that
G D/F# Another winter day has come and gone away Em D And even Paris and Rome Cadd9 And I wanna go home D G D Let me go home G And I'm surrounded by D/F# A million people I F Still feel alone Cadd9 D Oh, let go home G D Oh, I miss you, you know G D/F# Em Em7 Let me go hoooooooome C9 D I've had my run Baby, I'm done G D I gotta go home G D/F# Em Em7 Let me go hoooooooome C9 It will alright D I'll be home tonight G I'm coming back home

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