Michael Angelo

Change The World

Michael Angelo

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Change The World

Intro: E-F#m-B 
E          F#m       B 
If I can reach the stars 
B        A         E 
Pull one down for you 
E           F#m   B 
Shini?n on the heart 
     B         A         E 
So you could see the truth 
    A         D         E 
Then this lover had inside 
A   Bb               A 
As everything it seems 
E          F#m     B 
But for now I find 
B        A         G# 
It?s only in my dreams 

A G#m C#m I can change the world F#m G#m C#m I will be the sun light in your universe F#m G#m You would think in my love was really C#m Cm Bm something good A E G#m-F#m E baby if could change the world
Verse: do cp verse if I could be king even for a day I?d take you as my queen I have no other way And our love will rule This kingdom we have made Till then I?d be a fool Wishin for the day (Refrão) . . . baby if I could change the world Ad lib: E-G#m (Repeat Chorus) Coda: A Baby If I could

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