Meredith Andrews


Meredith Andrews

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F   Fsus   F   Fsus 

verse 1: 
       F     Fsus  F               Fsus  F  
It's a com - plex  puzzle you call your  life 
          Fsus  F                Fsus  F 
It's an uphill  climb, it's a constant fight 
       F/G   Gm7  F/G    F/A#  A#  F/A# 
And it wears you  down 
Feeling like you're alone, like you don't belong 

And you won't be loved if you don't measure up 
        Gm7             A#2              F2 
And you wear your scars     Like they're who you are 

F Give Him your wounds, your bruised and broken pieces Dm7 All your questions, all your secrets A#2 Csus You don't have to hide who you are F You belong to someone greater Dm7 Than all your past mistakes and failures A#2 Csus Rest in who He is A#2 Csus F2 He knows how to make your pieces fit
verse 2: F2 He's the light on the road when you're lost in the dark And He won't run away if you show your heart Gm7 A#2 F2 Wants you to believe it You can taste that freedom when You INTERLUDE: (FROM Chorus TO BRIDGE) A#2 Dm Bridge: Csus A# Dm You are completely known Csus A# Dm You are completely loved Csus A# This is where you belong ENDING: F2

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