Melina López

Chasing The Truth

Melina López

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Chasing The Truth

Love is just a mystery 
                  G                  A7          D 
Overtime you may lose it, and with sorrow it is won. 
             Bm       B7    Em 
Love is a reflection 
                     G              A7 
For a moment it's forgotten, and remembered 
When it´s gone. 

   G                            A 
And i...i chase and chase the truth 
But i do know that love 
       Bm             B7 
Isn´t always what is true 
    Em      A                     F#m 
It hurts me so, and you are not around 
          Bm                        B7 
And your memory is cruel if you are far 

     G                         Gm 
You cannot conceal love nor await it 
           D                 Bm               Em      A 
Love is a feeling that you experience all at once 
          G         Gm            D      Bm 
It is a pathway of wonderful adventures 
        Em               A7              Em  A  A7  A7   D   (FINAL) 
Such a wonder you don´t mind the sacrifice

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