Melanie C


Melanie C

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Intro: Em  C  G  D 

Em                  C                        G           D 
If I were somebody else / I'd be calling me stupid / But I still do this 
Em                        C                              G 
No way that you're gonna change / Nothing to say that I wanna hear 
I gotta get out of here 


           Em                             C                          G 
I've been driving down this road with my eyes closed / Trying to get lost 
But I know I'll be back again 
         Em                      C                             G 
And it's easy to escape / But as long as there's a way I can reach you 
I know it's never gonna be over 

G D Em C G I'm throwing matches / I'm lighting dynamite / It never catches / This bridge won't burn D Em I drop the lighter / Into the gasoline / No fire C G D Em C This bridge won't burn burn bu-urn / This bridge won't burn burn bu-u-u-urn (no final repetir 5x)
Em C G D Can't even say it's your fault / Because I know it's me / That let you let me down Em C G D Another last chance / But I'm not fooling anyone / You know better than anyone (REPETE BRIDGE E Chorus) Bm D G D Maybe there's a reason that I'd / Rather be lonely with you /Than lonely alone Bm D G D Tell me the reason why I'd / Rather be lonely with you / Than lonely alo-o-ne G D Em I'm throwing matches / I'm lighting dynamite / It never catches C G D Em C This bridge won't bu-u-u-rn / This bridge won't bu-u-u-u-urn (REPETE Chorus)

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