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Bonita Chords


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	  Tom: Lá menor (Am) 

Am             Am7     Am7  Am6     Am7      Am7   
What can I say     to  you, bonita,  
        Am7     Am6         Am6-      Am  
What magic word would capture you 
                                  Am7   Am7   Am6  Am7  Am7   
Like a soft salacious mist you are, bonita,      
Am7     Am6         Am6-     Am   D7/9  
You fly away when love is new 
Gm                   Gm7   Gm7       Gm6   Gm7  Gm7        
What   do   you    ask   of  me,    bonita, 
Gm7           Gm6              Gm6-             Gm   Am9-/13-    
What part   do you          want me to play, 
Dm                           Dm7         Dm7    Dm6       Dm7   Dm7                 
Shall   I    be      the   clown   for      you,       bonita, 
               Dm7    Dm6  Dm6- Dm7  E7M/5   E7/13-   
I will be anything you say. 
C7M9      Am7/9   
                                  D7/9/11   D7/9-/11   
Don't run away, Bonita 
   Dm7/9  Bbm6               D7/9                    Dm7/9  G7/9-       
Bonita,.         don't be afraid to fall in love with me, 
Gm7                Gb7M/11  F7M/11    Fm6 Bb7/9 
I love you, I tell you, I love you, I love you, bonita. 
        C7M9    Am7  D7/9/11  D7/9-/11  
If you love me, life would be beautiful, 
Cdim  C6/9        

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