Matt Sorum

The Sea

Matt Sorum

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The Sea

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	  		Intro: G 

C                       G  
  The tide won't Let me go 
C                           G 
  Now I'm lost in the undertow 
D                               Em 
  Let the water wash away my shame 
C                           G 
  As the sea calls out my name 

C                              G 
  Waves break upon my lonely soul 
C                                 G 
  They bring me to the heart of gold 
D                                 Em 
  I find a raft where it teaches me 
C                         G 
  To be at one with the sea 

C                             G 
  And the music here is so good 
C                              G 
  I'd live with Orcas if I could 
D                               Em 
  They all sing like Billy Holiday 
C                                  G 
  To make all the bad things go away 

C     |G    |C   |G     |D     |Em     |C     |G   

C                        G 
  Into the arms of eternity 
C                                  G 
   Where everything is happy and free 
D                              Em 
  I can't wait to meet you there 
C                       G 
  As I dive into the sea 

D                           Em 
  Can't wait to meet you there 
C                      G 
  As I dive into the sea 

Outro: G 

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