Matt Monro

For All We Know

Matt Monro

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For All We Know

( Robb Wilson, Arthur James and Fred Karlin)

Introdução: C Am  F  G C Am  F  G 

C    C/B  Am7 Am7/G         D9   D9/F#  
Love,          look at the two of us 
F6         Fm           C 
Strangers    in many ways 
         C/B Am    Am7      D/F#  D7 
We've got a lifetime to share 
            G   C7M           F7M  Dm7             C 
So much to say,     and as we go      from day to day 
 C/B         D9/F#        F6       
I'll feel you close to me 
     Fm              C 
But time alone will tell. 
      C/B     Am7    Am7/G  D9/F#       
Let's take a lifetime to say   
               D7     G    C7M 
"I knew you well," 
         F7M  Dm  Dm7+      Dm7    Em7  A7 
For only time          will tell us so 
And love may grow  
    G        C    C/B  Am7 Am7/G  Dm7 Fdim G C7M 
For all we know. 
C Am F G C4 C  

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