Matt Maher

Lay It Down

Matt Maher

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Lay It Down

Capo on 1st fret

Intro: C Am F G 

C             Am 
Everything I am 
Am                   F 
Everything I long to be 
F             G 
I lay it down at Your feet 

Everything I am 
Everything I long to be 
I lay it down at Your feet 
I lay it down 
I lay it down 
I lay it down 
At Your feet 

C                      Am 
Oh pearl of greatest price 
No act of sacrifice 
G                                             C    
Can match the gift of life I find within Your gaze 
C                   Am 
Oh, what a sweet exchange 
I die to rise again 
G                                           C 
Lifted up from the grave into Your hands of grace 

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