Matt Maher

Alive Again

Matt Maher

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Alive Again

Capo on 1st fret

Verse 1: 
I woke up in darkness surrounded by silence 
   D                       A 
Oh where, oh where have I gone? 
I woke to reality losing its grip on me 
   D                    A   
Oh where, where have I gone? 
             E       D 
'Cause I can see the light 
E                D 
Before I see the sunrise 

F#m D You called and You shouted A E Broke through my deafness F#m D Now I'm breathing in and breathing out A E I'm alive again F#m D You shattered my darkness A E Washed away my blindness F#m D Now I'm breathing in and breathing out A E I'm alive again
Verse 2: A Late have I loved You. You waited for me, I searched for You D A What took me so long? A I was looking outside as if Love would ever want to hide D A I'm finding I was wrong E D 'Cause I feel the wind E D Before it hits my skin Chorus Bridge: F#m D 'Cause I want You, yes I want You A E I need You, and I'll do F#m D Whatever I have to just to get through A E 'Cause I love You, yeah I love You

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