Matt Costa

Mr. Pitful

Matt Costa

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Mr. Pitful

	  		intro: B G  

Oh Mr. Pit--oh Mr. Pit-  
Mr. Pitiful, who let you down?  
Am7                      G          B  
Who let you down, who let you down?         

You still don't believe, you don't believe  
                F7M                        Am7  
You don't believe, and your grievances show  
When your soap box unfolds  

           B             Dm  
(*) But please, come down  
Am                G              B  
From that cloud your sitting on  
         Dm                Am                G  
I don't expect you to admit that you were wrong  
                  Am            Dm  
Just wanna know how you've been  
B                          G                      Am    
And don't make me feel bad that we're still friends  
Dm        B             G   
Mulling it over in my bed  
    Am          Dm          B          G  
I hope that you see through your picket  
   Am           Dm           B                    G          Am  G F#m F   
I hope that you see through your big yard and white picket fence  

Am   G  F#m  F  
To make amends  
Am   G  F#m  F  
And still be friends  
                Am     B  
Still be my friend  

So where did you go, where did you go?  
                     F7M          Am7  
Where did you go, while I was out?  
                  G               B  
While I was out, while I was out?  

Well, I don't believe, I don't believe  
                F7M              Am7  
I don't believe everything I see  
And if you don't like the movie, then quit acting  

* Repeat  

Am   G  F#m  F  
To make amends  
Am   G  F#m  F  
And still be friends  
Am   G  F#m  F  
Still be friends  
Still be my friend  
Still be my friend 
Still be my friend 


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