Matt Costa

Cold December

Matt Costa

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Cold December

A#				     D#			  A# 
I've been waiting, pacing along the halls ever since you left here 
				              D#              A# 
I've been cleaning, scrubbing the plates and weeding out the garden dear 
A#					D#		      A# 
I can't fall asleep to your mystery slowly blowing from the shore 
I have not failed to be what you'd expect of me 
D#				    F  
Swallowing glass just to stay pure 
A#					D# 
All the birds are heading down south but you're staying up north you say 
A#					D#			A# 
I've got jackets blankets and sheets, its going to be a cold december 
It could be warm you see, a statue next to me 
Swimming away from the ice and snow 
Could I have failed to see the signs in front of me 
						     F 		D# 
Warning and flashing symbols, subtle and simple I couldn't see 
I couldnt see 
			A# (trim)               D# G		 
If only time could slow down, maybe I could come up 
G D# F 	 
G         D#             F  
	It's such a cold december 
	It's such a cold december 
	Its so cold 


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