Masked Intruder

Hello Beautiful Chords

Masked Intruder

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by paulantunes

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Hello Beautiful


Intro G 


Hello Beautiful. 
Won't you tell me where you have been all my life? 
Where you hid yourself away these lonely nights 
     D      G              G  G/F# 
I've wasted without you. 
Hello Beautiful. 
I can tell just by the look that's in your eyes 
that you don't consider this a nice surprise 
        D                      G   D 
finding me here in your house. 

E A It may be true that I came here to rob you. E A Please believe that's something I would not do D A now that you blew me away. D A I'm gonna spend every day D F# E looking forward to when I can finally say that I got you
Verse (key change to A, up 2 Frets) Guitar Solo F#m D A E F#m D E Outro A Hello Beautiful. C#m D Won't you tell me where you have been all my life?..

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