All Gone Chords


Difficulty: EasyEasy

by joaoewerton

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All Gone

Intro: C9   D   Dsus4   D   C9   D   Dsus4   D 


I wonder how you feel 

     D              Dsus4 D 
The moments you're alone 

   C9                       D   Dsus4 
I wonder if it still feels good 
       D    C9  D   Dsus4 
No disguise 

    D    C9   D   Dsus4 D 
No more lies 

The past you just ignore 

D            Dsus4 D 
Erase the memories 

         C9                       D Dsus4 
There's nothing worth to keep at all 

     D  C9   D  Dsus4 
Just forget 

    D  C9 
No regret 

Em C7 You go on like this, I know D You cannot resist, time will show Em7 That whatever happens C7 You move on, we're all gone Em C7 You keep up the act 'til the end D It's your way of life, you pretend Em7 That whatever happens C7 You move on, we're all gone
Verse: C9 The ways you can be fooled D Dsus4 D When choosing not to see C9 D Dsus4 Convince yourself it can't be real D C9 D Dsus4 If it hurts D C9 D Dsus4 D When it hurts C9 The stories that you told D Dsus4 D The laughter and the smiles C9 D Dsus4 Pretending that you really cared D C9 That you cared Refrain Interlude: D C9 All gone D C9 All gone D C9 All gone, all gone

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