Mark Wirtz

Grocer Jack Chords

Mark Wirtz

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by marcnagel

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Grocer Jack

  		Grocer Jack (Excerpt From a Teenage Opera) - Mark Wirtz & Keith West 

Album - A Teenage Opera 1967 

Intro:  (Over main riff) 
         A    A    E    E    B    B    E    E hold 
         F#m7    B    F#m7    B    E    E into verse 

verse 1: 

Counts the days into years  
Yes 82 brings many fears  
Yesterday's laughter turns to tears  
His arms  his legs don't feel so strong  
His heart is weak there's something wrong  
Opens windows in despair  
Trying to breath in some fresh air  
His conscience cries "get on your feet"  
"Without you Jack the town cant eat"  

E B A Grocer Jack grocer Jack get off your back B E Go into town don't let them down C#m Oh no no Repeat
A B verse 2: E The people that live in the town (E) Don't understand F#m7 He's never been known to miss his round A Its 10 o'clock the housewife's yell E When Jack turns up we'll give him hell B Husbands moan at breakfast tables B No milk no eggs no marmalade labels A E Mothers send the children out to Jacks house (E) To scream and shout
E B A Grocer Jack grocer Jack get off your back B E Go into town don't let us down C#m Oh no no Repeat
Instrumental:< i> A B E C#m G#m7 C#m A B A A E E B B E E hold verse 3: E Its Sunday morning bright and clear E Lovely flowers F#m7 Decorate a marble square A People cry and walk away E Think about the fateful day B Now they wish they'd given Jack (B) More affection than respect A The little children dressed in black E Don't know what's happened to old Jack E B Grocer Jack grocer Jack A B Is it true what mummy says E You won't come back C#m Oh no no Repeat 5 times Play Chorus chords until fade http:

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