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Imelda Chords

Mark Knopfler

Difficulty: ExpertExpert

by gabriel101

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Key:  D5 More
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  		Intro :  D5 
 D5           Cadd9      F                Bb         G/B 
  She's going shopping   shopping for shoes 
      D5              Cadd9       F         Bb        G/B 
  She wants them in magenta   and caribbean blue 
  D5           Cadd9        F             Bb         G/B 
  Platinum and buttercup,   lilac and black 
 D5           Cadd5         F                Bb       G/B 
  They fill a bucket up and laugh behind her back 
   D5                   Cadd9       G 
  Imelda baby   Imelda baby what to do 
          C                            G/B                     D 
  All the poor people saying that they gotta quit paying for you 
2nd Chorus the same as 1st 
  Everyone's gone Jackie O 
  She was a regular here 
  We thought madam would like to know 
                A5        C5    A5    G5 
  We've got the blood red rouge right here 
3rd Chorus same as 1st 
repeat last line 
D5   -   Cadd9   G/B 


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