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Cannibals Chords

Mark Knopfler

Difficulty: ExpertExpert

by gabriel101

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  		E   -   -   A   E   - C#m B   E 
 I|  E   -   -   A   E   - C#m B   E 
  Well he's daddy's little boy, he plays with his toys, 
  He holds on to his daddy's hand, 
  His daddy says sonny you're a big strong boy, 
  You're gonna be a big strong man 
  And they go play catch, go play ball 
  Go take a walk along the sand 
  Big strong daddy and a big strong boy 
  Living in a big strong land 
  E                                                         A 
  Daddy, is he a goodie or a baddie, daddy can I have a dinosaur 
  Once upon a time there were cannibals, 
   C#m             B 
  now there are no cannibals anymore |I 


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