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Marcelo Camelo

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by Acelot

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(Marcelo Camelo)

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Intro: C Am e|----3-0-3/5-3-0-------------------------| B|-1--1-1-0---0-0--1----3--1--3/5-5\3--1--| G|-0--0------------2----------------------| D|-2---------------2--2-------------------| A|-3---------------0----------------------| E|----------------------------------------| C Am e|------3---0-------------------------------| B|------1---1----3--1-------0---------------| G|------0-0------0-----0h2--0--0-----0----0-| D|---2--------2--2----------0----0h0--0h0---| A|-3-------------------0--------------------| E|------------------------------------------|
C Am C Am Eu quis te conhecer, mas tenho que aceitar C Am G Caberá ao nosso amor o eterno ou o não dá G#º Am G/B Pode ser cruel a eternidade Am C G Eu ando em frente por sentir vontade C Am C Am Eu quis te convencer, mas chega de insistir C Am G Caberá ao nosso amor o que há de vir G#º Am G/B Pode ser a eternidade má Am C G Eu ando em frente pra sentir saudade C Am Paper clips and crayons in my bed C Am Everybody thinks that I'm sad C Am G I'll take ride in melodies and bees and birds G#º Am G/B Will hear my words Am C G Will be both us and you and them together C Am C Am I can forget about myself trying to be anybody else C Am G I feel allright that we can go away G#º Am G/B And please my day Am C G I'll let you stay with me if you surrender
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Dedilhado Estrofes: C Am e|---3-0-3/5-3-0--------------------------| B|1--1-1-0---0-0--1----3--1--3/5-5\3--1---| G|0--0------------2-----------------------| D|2---------------2--2--------------------| A|3---------------0-----------------------| E|----------------------------------------| C Am e|---3-0-3/5-3-0--------------------------| B|1--1-1-0---0-0--1----3--1--3/5----------| G|0--0------------2-----------------------| D|2---------------2--2--------------------| A|3---------------0-----------------------| E|----------------------------------------| G G#º Am e|---0----1---3/8-7---------7--------------| B|3-------------------------6-------3---1--| G|-----0----0---------0---7---7-----2---2--| D|--------0---------5---6---------2---2---2| A|---2--------------------------0----------| E|3----------------------------------------| G/B Am e|3/5--3-----------------------------------| B|-------0---0---0---0-----1--3-6--5--3----| G|-----------------------------------------| D|---------2-------------2------7--5--3----| A|-----2-------5---3---0-------------------| E|-----------------------------------------| Passagens: C G e|-------------------------0-----| B|---------1-----------3-----3---| G|----0--------0-----0---0-------| D|--2----2---2---2---------------| A|3------------------------------| E|-----------------3-------------| C e|---------------------------------| B|--------1------------------------| G|----0-------0--------2-----------| D|--2---2---2---2----2---2---2---2-| A|3----------------0---------------| E|-------------------------0---3---|

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