Mandolin Orange

Runnin Red

Mandolin Orange

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Runnin Red

A D A F#m D A 

verse 1 
A                   D 
The water's runnin' red tonight 
                       A          F#m 
And our bridges is burning high 
We parted ways in the middle 
                           A    E (one strum let ring) 
And now we gaze from either side 

verse 2 
N.C.                    D 
Of the earth or of the sky 
A love once grounded soon must fly 
                    D  A   Bm 
And in that shadow of goodbye 
    E               A    D A 
Our love was left to die 

verse 3 
N.C.                    D 
Well you once shouted from the rocks 
                        A       F#m 
Across the ocean to the docks 
You cried my island is sinking 
         A           E (one strum let ring) 
Will you come for me 

verse 4 
N.C             D 
Of water or the sand 
Will you drown or take my hand 
                   D  A   Bm 
And as the last is washed away 
  E                        A D A 
Would you call for me again 

D A F#m D A E D F#m D A Bm A D A 
Verse 5 
 N.C                  D 
We've a fated hand to hold 
                          A           F#m 
From when we're young until we're old 
                       D                 A     E (One strum let ring) 
And it grows harder to find each time we let go 

Verse 6 
             D                          F#m 
Of reason or belief, it's no difference to me      now 
              D  A  Bm 
Our bridge is falling 
        E                A D A 
And our love was left to drown 

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