Mando Diao


Mando Diao

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	  		E A  
She ain?t as beautiful as me but she?s as beautiful as she can be  
She ain?t as cold as she want but she wants it to boil  
She ain?t as cold as she can be don?t you see  
It takes a fast mind to figure out what?s on this whole earth this is all about  
Let them ride for a while, let them wonder why  
It takes a faster, faster, faster mind to figure out how  
She?s selling basses down a backstreet stair, just down the alley where there?s nothing but air  
And the birds took brake round 1968, she?s selling basses in a backstreet stair  
She took me down when just couldn?t get ahead, she took my soul when I choosed laughter instead  
Let me ride for a while, let me wonder how   
It takes a faster, faster, faster mind to figure out how  
She?s got a bent belt by her side, she?s got that donkey paralyzed  
She?s got a cold inner wind and a ware full of sins  
She?s got a garagedoor where you?ve got lies  
She?s got a lifeline by her side, she?s got a woman paralyzed  
She?s got a much elder husband than god?s son himself  
She?s got a bagage full of hope and knives 

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