Mando Diao

Misty Mountains Chords

Mando Diao

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by hugo%5Frodrigues

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Misty Mountains

Intro G  Bm  C  Am  G  Bm 
        C  D   C  D  Am  C 
        G  Bm  C  D  G 

  G           Bm 
In a house on an island 
          C                 Am 
There's a tale that must be told 
       G                Bm 
Of our mysterious Misty Mountains 
       C               D 
Behind all the songs I wrote 
         C              D 
Lives an old man in his shadow 
            Am                C 
And they're whistling day and night 
         G                Bm 
For whatever whatever its worth for 
         C             D       G 
They are whistling for you and I 

     G            Bm 
On a ranch in the wildness 
          C                 Am 
There's a song that must be sung 
        G           Bm 
About a blindfolded angel  
          C                      D 
Who never learned the right from wrong 
             C                 D 
And though I don't know enough English 
      Am                  C 
To describe it's troubled mind 
        G              Bm 
But for one thing I am certain  
           C         D       G 
Is that it sings for you and I 

      Em               Am             Em 
And I tried so hard to figure it out  
But I guess I'm only human 
I've been watching him drawing him 
Analysing him in every way 
I could possible think of 
    G                    Bm 
But that does not really help me 
           C              Am 
You got to sit back and enjoy 
         G                   Bm 
You know Ochrasy raised and betrayed him  
       C               D 
Now he sits there all alone 
         C            D       
With his soul and his legend 
        Am        C 
And his epic melodies 
         G               Bm 
They are with us when we crying 
             C       D       G 
And they are with us when we bleed 

              G               Bm 
Yes, they are with us when we crying 
             C       D       G 
And they are with us when we bleed 

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