Mandi Mapes

We Are The Body

Mandi Mapes

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We Are The Body

verse 1: 
G     D    A 
We are the body of the most high. 
G     D    A 
We are the bride of a Savior 
    G  D    A 
And we fall for the king of the kingdom 
    G     D    A 
As we sing the songs of salvation 

G D As we stand Bm A For those who cannot stand G for themselves D Bm A And we love the loveless G D And we go Bm A Where your light's not shining G D A We are the body of Christ
verse 2: G D A We shine like a city on a hilltop G D A We boast in the Spirit living in us G D And we march A On a road leading to freedom G D As we reach out our hands A To the fallen
G D And we bring Bm A Living water to the thirsty G D Bm And we live for the One who was A G And is and is to come D Bm So our life counts for something A G Greater than our self G D A We are the body of Christ
Bridge: Bm And our anthem will be G A song of praise to the King D A He is worthy, He is worthy. Bm With one voice we will sing G "Where oh death is your sting?" D A He is mighty, He is mighty.

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