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Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by jessgomes

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  		Magazine - Real Life - Burst 

Hello there ! This is my first tab but I'm 100% sure it's a perfect base to learn  
this song, thanks MGMT for playing this song live and allow me to discover this  
fantastic band that is Magazine. Good luck with the and embellishments and the solo ! 

The intro is an arpeggio of the principal chords, and all them are 1 bar long. 


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e--------------------------------------------------8----I b--------------------------------------------------8----I g-------------------------------9------------------7----I D-----------------10--------7----------------8-----10---I A------------8----------5----------------6---------10---I E--------6---------------------------4-------------8----I
A# D G# Once you had this promise,on the tip of you tongue,but it went without saying C It went on too long A# D G# All the straws you clutched at,have burst into flames,and so you smile that way C Tantalazingly lame Verse: A# D G# The smart ones understand,how your heart bursts,like a bottle of champagne, C You're just desserts A# D G# The smart ones understand,you shouldn't settle for less,you're gonna forget yourself, C In my happiness Bridge: ---°Repeat intro°--- Outro/Solo: C E F E Keep your silence to yourself, You will forget yourself C E F E You will forget yourself, You will forget yourself (Repeat the outro until you die of musical orgasm) Author of the tab: The Flying Octopussy

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