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Intro E|-------------------------------| B|-------1----0------------------| G|-----2----------2---0h2--------| D|---2-----2----2---2------------| A|-0----------------------0------| E|-------------------------------|
Verse Am Am Well hearts belong Am Am Like rock and skin Am Am At peace with evil Am Am And all within Am Am A shadow looms above the river Am Am And fire sweeps across the land Am Am Our bones are twisted in their sockets Am Em And even we must try to stand alone Am Right here alone yeah Am Am Fire in wirk beneath your skin Am Am Forever let us sleep Am Am 'Till sirens tear the night wide open Am Am And even we awake, love
C Oh listen Em Am The world is awake C Em Oh, it's time for the tellers to rise Am And the blood of the anciest Em Heeey alone... Alone... Alone... Alone Am Hear my ban with evil
Outro Em And alone Am Right here alone, yeah Em Alone Am Alone, yeah Em Am Lone, lone lone

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