Lunatic Soul


Lunatic Soul

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	  		Lunatic Soul - Otherwise 

* all chords are played as A5, D5, G5 etc. 
* there are some jumps between A5 and D5 that were omitted in the transcription for the  
sake of clarity (just listen to the song to get the rhythm) 

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Riff 1 e|------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|------------------------------------------------------------------------| G|------------------------------------------------------------------------| D|---5-----5--5-4---4---4-4-5-2-------------------------------------------| A|-0-----3----5-----5---------0-------------------------------------------| E|------------------------------------------------------------------------|
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Riff 2 e|------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|-----------7------------------------------------------------------------| G|---9---9-9---9----7-9---------------------------------------------------| D|-7--------------------7---7-7-------------------------------------------| A|------------------------------------------------------------------------| E|------------------------------------------------------------------------| e|------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|-----------7------------------------------------------------------------| G|---9---9-9---7----7-9---------------------------------------------------| D|-7--------------------7---7-7-------------------------------------------| A|------------------------------------------------------------------------| E|------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Verse D I am becoming A In the realm of unknown D Beyond unending A Time, space and form Chorus G A I was buried for rebirth D A Casting off the old D Born into the spirit A From within I come Bridge (play Riff 1 and Riff 2 here) Verse D Escape from sorrow A No beginning, no end D Return to whiteness A The new loneliness Chorus G A I was buried for rebirth D A Casting off the old D Born into the spirit A From within I come Bridge (as above)

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