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	  		I'm pretty certain this is the correct tuning, even though the 3 fret-strectch is somewhat difficult.  

This song consists of two simple sections.  
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First section: Cm7/E Dm D|------------------------|-----------------------| B|-------------12---------|------------10---------| G|---------12------12-----|--------10------10-----| D|-----10-------------10--|-----7--------------7--| G|--7---------------------|--7--------------------| D|------------------------|-----------------------| Second section: C2 D2 D|-------------12----------|------------10----------| B|-----------------12------|----------------10------| G|---------12----------12--|--------10----------10--| D|-----10------------------|-----7------------------| G|--9----------------------|--7---------------------| D|-------------------------|------------------------|
I recommend using your pinky to fret the 3 top strings Lyrics: Cm7/E Dm (10x) Cm7/E Dm They tell you come tomorrow Cm7/E Dm Nothing for you now Cm7/E Dm You listen so intently Cm7/E Dm And slide Cm7/E Dm Slide Cm7/E Dm Slide Cm7/E Dm Slide C2 D2 (4x) Cm7/E Dm Hearing only yourself Cm7/E Dm You wait for the truth Cm7/E Dm How can you get it Cm7/E Dm When all you do Cm7/E Dm Is slide? Cm7/E Dm Slide Cm7/E Dm Slide Cm7/E Dm Slide C2 D2 (4x) End on Cm7/E

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