Loreena McKennitt

Prosperos Speech

Loreena McKennitt

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Prosperos Speech

verse 1 
Now my charms are all o'erthrown 
            F        G          Am 
And what strength I have's mine own 
               G    C    G       Am  Em 
Which is most fai - nt; now tis tru - e 
   Am      F       G        Am 
I must be here confined by you 

verse 2 
Am      G       Am      Em 
But release me from my bands 
Am        F        G        Am 
With the help of your good hands 
         G    C   G        Am  Em 
Gentle breath of yours my sa - ils 
      Am       F        G      Am 
Must fill, or else my project fails, 
      Em       Am 
Which was to please 

verse 3 
      Am      G     C    G    Am   Em 
Which was to ple - ase. Now I wa - nt 
    Am        F          G     Am 
Spirits to enforce, art to enchant 
        G  C  G     Am   Em 
And my ending is despa - ir, 
   Am    F      G        Am 
Unless I be relieved by prayer 

verse 4 
       Am     G       Am     Em 
Which pierces so that it assaults 
   Am   F          G        Am 
Mercy itself and frees all faults 
              G     C     G       Am  Em 
As you from crimes would pardoned be - e 
     Am     F        G      Am 
Let your indulgence set me free 

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