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I Know Chords


Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate


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I Know

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  		I KNOW 
Chingboi Laruan  

Intro: E-Esus A C#m A B (2x) 
Verse I: 
I know You’ve given all I need 
I know Your blessings never end 
C#m A-B 
I know that Your love is forever 

Verse II: 
I know that You are all I have 
The only reason that I live 
C#m A-B 
The only reason that I follow… ohoooh 

C#m A B 
You have captured me today, Jesus 
C#m A B 
You completed all my days, ohooh 

Chorus: 2x 
It’s You that I am living for 
For You Lord I will worship more 
C#m A B 
I will raise my hands and worship, worship You 

Bridge: 2x 
C#m A E B 
I am thankful for Your kindness Lord 
C#m A E B 
I am thankful for You are bountiful 

Repeat Pre-Chorus, Chorus 
Outro: 2x 
E A C#m A B 

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