The Dolphins cry


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The Dolphins cry

	  		The way you're bathed in light, 
Cm         G#  
Reminds me of that night 
Cm          G#             D# A# 
God laid me down into your ro-se garden of trust 
Cm        G# 
And i was swept away 
Cm           G# 
with nothing left to say 
Cm            G#               D# A# 
Some helpless fool, yeah i was lo-st in a swoon of peace 
Cm           G# 
You're all i need to find 
Cm          G# 
so when the time is right 
Cm         G#               D# A# 
Come to me sweetly, come to me-ee 
Come to me 
Cm F Love will lead us, allright G# A# Love will lead us, she will lead us Cm F Can you hear the dolphin's cry? G# A# See the road rise up to meet us Cm F It's in the air we breathe tonight G# A# Love will lead us, she will lead us
Cm G# Oh yeah we meet again Cm G# it's like we never left Cm G# D# A# time in between was just a dre-eam, did we leave this place? Cm G# This crazy fog surrounds me Cm G# you wrap your legs around me Cm G# D# A# all i can do to try and bre-eathe, let me breathe so i, F so we can get together! (refrão) D# A# Life is like a shooting star G# it dont matter who you are F if you only run for cover its just a waste of time D# A# we are lost till we are found G# this phoenix rises up from the ground F and all these wars are over F over F over D# A# singin la di da da da da F come to me D# A# yeah la da da da da da F come to me Chorus Bridge F over F over Cm G# over Cm G# over Chorus Outro: Cm F love will lead us, all right G# A# just surrender, love receive us Cm F love will lead us, allright G# A# _____________?, she will lead us

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