Little Chief


Little Chief

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Capo on 2nd fret
	  		Capo II 

G, C, G (4X) 

G             C           G 
We were young beneath the stars 
G          C        G 
Growing up stealing hearts 
Am                   G     C  G 
Oh my mama, she disapproved 
Am                      G  C  G 
Oh my father, he never knew  

G, Am, C, G (2X) 

G Cause we've been causing trouble Am Just me and all my brothers C G I know we're a rowdy bunch G There's no day like tomorrow Am To fix all of our problems C G Some day we'll settle down
Bridge: G Oh brother, the preacher can't save us Am We need the good Lord to come and change us C G Heaven knows when that'll be Instrumental: G, Am, C, G verse 2: G C G Now we're old and moving on G C G Growing up and holding on Am G C G Oh my mama, bless her soul Am G C G Oh my father, now he knows Chorus Bridge: (one strum each) Instrumental: G, Am, C, G Chorus Bridge

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