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A Guy Like You Chords

Lisa Germano

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by bombaXXX

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A Guy Like You


Intro: D E D E D E D A 

D            A         D             F#m 
I can't hear anything, you can yell, you can scream 

D        A              D       E   
I got my things to do - Anyway, far from you 

D            E     D             F#m  
You are this baby, pulls me down angry 

D            E       D           E 
I don't care anyhow, people just let me down 

(Fill) A C#m (Fill) A C#m I just get angrier
Verse: D A D E You say that love is it, all of it, a bunch of shit D E D E I'll ruin everything, piece of mind or a ring D E D F#m What makes me angry, just makes you sad D E D E This should be easier, maybe if I could hear
(Fill) A C#m D E A D E A But I'll just get angrier
Bridge: D E And close my eyes A D E And wish away A D E A Hide it inside A D E Nobody knows A (Fill) A C#m I just get angrier Verse: D E D F#m There's something you need me for, but I can't give anymore D E D E I gave it all away, less and less everyday D E D F#m What makes you crazy, takes me there too D E D E I just expect it to, trying to be a guy like you Outro: (Fill) D E Walk away A D E Intoxicate A D E Nobody knows A D E A D I can't hear anything

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