Goodbye Chords


Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by deivcavalcanti

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Intro: D  C  G  A  D  C  G  A  D 

verse 1 
            C               G   A               D           C    G  A  D 
Oh, make me laugh, said the king to the wizened court funny man___ 
           C               G         A         D      C  G  A  D 
Oh, Jester please play the fool, I'm feeling low-down_____ 
       C           G    A                 D         C  G   A  D 
Do it all, give me rest, said the heaving white sovereign 
         C           G        A           D  C   G  A 
Grizzled tracks disappear, converting his frown___ 
Dm7         Am      Fmaj7      
It's in the way you say___ 
C        G 
Goodbye, goodbye 
Dmaj7      Dm7       Gm7 
Savour our parting, 'til I see you next time 
D       C             A 
I won't do one thing alone___ 

D  C  G  A  D  C  G  A  D 

verse 2 
        C                G    A                  D        C  G  A  D 
Make me laugh, freeze my tears with tales now of yesterday___ 
       C        G         A         D    C  G  A 
Taking off all alone, I'm losing my cares_______ 
Dm7         Am      Fmaj7      
It's in the way you say___ 
C                      G 
Good time (good time), so kind (so kind) 
Dmaj7        Dm7             Gm7 
Still at our parting, will I see you next time? 
D       C             A 
I can't do one thing alone_____ 

Outro     (## repeat and fade to end ##) 
C        G        F   
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye 

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