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That Love

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That Love

	  		INTRO- E A Cm E G#m E A C#m 

E         B     G#m 
Love this funny thing 
E       F#m              C#m Em 
I never really got 
A Bbm     E     G#m F#m  E G#m   C#m  
I just go alone and sing a song 
A Bbm       A  E         C#m 
I dont know my way 
E        G# B E         G#m A F#m A E A   
Wheather go or stay 
F#m         E           G#m 
In fight in fact I dont believe 
E            F#m 
I only trust on that love 
A             E    Em      F#m   B  G#m    E G#m E B    
Sure Ill be a man, singing songs of love 
A    Bbm        Bb        E B 
Sure Ill get to die 
E         F#m B    E      A E A E A F#m A   
If I dont get your love 

Texto falado 

Girl, listen to me 
Im not alone anymore 
A                        Bbm 
and maybe now 
E            F#m     B          Bbm E F#m B  
We will find our way together 

A E A E A F#m A 

F#m         E           G#m 
In fight in fact I dont believe  .........repeat 

Cifrada por Luciano Umemaru 

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