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Where Or When Chords

Lena Horne

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Where Or When

( Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart)

Introdução: D Bm G A G  

D            D6                     D7M            F#m 
It seems we stood and talked like this before      
     G    G/F#     Em   Em7     G   G/F# Em  Em7    
We looked at each other in the same way then 
G     G/F#     Em  Em7   G   G6   D    Bm  Em7 A7  
But I can't remember   where or when  
 D                        D6                       D7M         F#m  
The clothes you're wearing are the clothes you wore  
     G    G/F#     Em     B+       G   G/F# Em  Em7  
The smile you are smiling you were smiling then 
 G     G/F#    Em  Em7   G   G6   D   Bm  G F#7  
But I can't remember   where or when  
Bm                Em            C#m5-/7     F#7   
Some things that happen for the first time  
Bm          G    G/F#   Em  Em7    G6    A7  
Seem to be       happening      again  
D7M            D6                        F#m   D7/13-    
And so it seems that we have met before 
      Em        B7          Em              F#m 
And laughed before and loved before    
     G   G/F#  A    A/C#   D    Bm  G Gdim D  
But who knows where  or  when 

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