Led Zeppelin

The Crunge Chords

Led Zeppelin

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The Crunge

Year: 1973 - Album: Houses Of The Holy

  		A6  A9 
I wanna tell you 'bout my good thing 
D9  C#9  D9  C#9 D9 C9 D9   Eb9  D9    C#9 
I ain't disclosin' no names, but 
D9   C#9  D9 C#9   D9   C9    C#9  D9   C#9 
He sure is a good friend and 
   D9               C#9    D9  C#9   D9     Eb9   D9 
I ain't gonna tell you where he comes from, but 
C#9   D9          C#9  D9  C#9   D9  C9  C#9  D9  C#9  D9 C#9 D9 C#9 D9 Eb9 
If I tell yuou, you won't come again    oh 
D9            C#9     D9       C#9 
I ain't gonna tell you nothin' but 
C#9 D9  C#9  D9   A6  A9     A6  A9 
I do, well, but I know, yeah 
Now let me tell you 'bout my girl 
I open up a newspaper and what do I see? 
Ah, see my girl, ah 
Ah, lookin' at me 
Ooh, and when she walks, she walks, 
Let me tell you 
When she talks, she talks 
And when she looks me in my eye 
She's my baby, Lord, I wanna make her mine 
Oh, tell me baby what you want me to do 
And you want me to love you 
Love some other man 
Oo they ain't gonna call me Mister Pitiful No 
I don't need no respect from nobody no, 
I ain't gonna tell you nothin, I ain't gonna tell you no more, 
No she is my baby, let me tell you that I love her so 
And, and she's the woman I really wanna love and let me tell you more 
Oo, she's my baby, let me tell you she lives 
Next door 
She's the one a woman, the one a woman that I know 
I ain't goin', I ain't goin', I ain't gonna tell. 
I ain't goin' tell you one thing that you really ought a know 
But - she's my lover baby, and I love her so. 
And - she's the one that really makes me whirl and twirl 
And - she's the kind of lover that makes me fill the whole world 
And - she's the one who really makes me jump and shout 
Oh - she's the kind of girl that I know what it's all about 
Take it home, 
Take it, take it, take it 
Ah, excuse me, 
Ah, will you excuse me? 
I'm just try'n a find the bridge, 
Has anybody seen the bridge? 
(spoken) Please, have you seen the bridge? 
I ain't seen the bridge 
Where's that confounded bridge? 
I don't know...give it a try, 

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