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Called To Serve Chords

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Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by sabrjoao

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Called To Serve

   C         Cmaj7 Am 
v.1 Called to serve Him,  
v.2 Called to know  the 
heav'nly King of glory, 
richness of his blessing- 
Chosen e'er to  
Sons and daughters,  
C       D6      G   G7 
witness for His name, 
children of  a    King- 
C       Cmaj7 Am 
Far and wide  we 
Glad of heart, his 
tell the Father's story, 
holy name confessing, 
Far and wide his love  
Praises unto     him   
D7 G   G7 Em G 
we bring.  

C Cmaj7 C Onward, ever onward, Bbdmin7 G7 G7 G9 G7 as we glory in his name; G9 G7 Onward, ever onward, C C Cadd9 G as we glory in his name; C Cmaj7 C Forward, pressing forward, G7/D C7 F as a triumph song we sing. F F#m C/G God our strength will be; (pick the notes a g e d c) press forward ever, G7 F G7 C G G G G G Called to serve our King.

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