Laura Shigihara

Cube Land Chords

Laura Shigihara

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by sabrjoao

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Cube Land

 Bm  A G (x2) 


(verse 1)  

          Bm       A G              Bm       A G 
I'm in a cube land.     I dig with cold hands  
            Bm        A       D            A              Bm   A  G 
I use these tools to try and climb out of this mess I've made  

           Bm    A             G  
My door is open. Skeletons and zombies  
     Bm              A             G 
I am broken, as they walk all over me  
         Bm      A        D            A              Bm A G  
But if I keep on building walls, maybe they'll stay away  

(Pre Chorus)   

G                  Bm                          A 
   Think fast, it's got to last if you're gonna make it  
 through the rest of the day  
G                 Bm                          A           F# 
  I'm trapped, I can't go back, I've made the choice to stay  


Bm A G Bm And we'll fight... keep defending through the night A G (we'll fight the good fight) Bm A G Bm Live... we're all driven to survive A (we'll fight the good fight) G A I'll keep going, just stay by my side.
Bm A G (x2) (verse 2) Bm A G Bm A G I'm in a cube land. My castle's so grand Bm A D A Bm A G And once I lay these tracks I'll finally make my escape Bm A G Bm I am no one. I have no place, no one relates and there is no sun A G As the night covers this space Bm A D A Bm A G But I beg you, please please don't let this life go to waste (repeat Pre Chorus and Chorus)

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