Larry And His Flask

Three Manhattans Chords

Larry And His Flask

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by jessgomes

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Three Manhattans

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Riff e|--10---------------------------12---------------------------------------------------------------| B|--------10-10-12----------------------10-10-12------------------------------12-12-10-12-10------| G|-----------------12-9--------------------------12-9---------12-9----9----12----------------12---| D|-----------------------------------------------------------------12-----------------------------| A|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| E|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Intro: G B7 C D7 *2 or Riff *2 Verse G Well I'm gone again, give them my best B7 I'll float my wishes to the west C D7 G When I come home, it'll all be fine G But it's the way it goes and ain't it so B7 The fastest one to let it go C D7 G Always out of sight and out of mind G B7 C D7 or Riff *2 G Now the coins go tumblin' through the cracks B7 There aint no way she's ever gonna get them back C D7 G And the tears come hard like the cold November rain G And it's safe to say that we both know B7 That I don't really have to say I told you so C D7 G Cause if I did, I'd have to again and again and again
Em F#dim7 But with tattered wings G G#dim7 Staggering against the wind Am G It's so damn hard to fly Em F#dim7 But that old bird G G#dim7 Never understood a word Am Bbdim7 B7 Of taking flight alone without a plan D7 G I'll be there when she lands
G B7 C D7 or Riff *2 Verse G Now the struggles on and it won't be long B7 Til winter's clutch is holdin' strong C D7 G And I do believe it won't soon be letting go G So bid farewell to the ones you knew B7 Like a drunk old sinner born a-new C D7 G And say hello to the sweeping winds of change
Em F#dim7 Yeah, speed it up my friend G G#dim7 The sooner you're caught, then the sooner you'll mend Am G And your wounds will heal in time Em F#dim7 G G#dim7 It takes one to know one Am Bbdim7 Now you should know that by now B7 Don't you feel bad? D7 G It's all you ever had
Bridge Em Am And though I really can't believe the things that I have seen D7 G It puts my feet back on the ground where yours probably should have been C C#7 B7 D7 G All along, throughout the song, three Manhattans and we can't move along G B7 C D7 or Riff *2
Em F#dim7 Let's skip ahead some years G G#dim7 The dust has settled and the smoke has cleared Am G And all is well and fine Em F#dim7 There's no thunder or lightning G G#dim7 The water's warm and the fish are biting Am Bbdim7 B7 There's no bumps in the road that I can see D7 G Smooth sailing on the sea

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