Langhorne Slim


Langhorne Slim

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C F C F Am G 
Do doo doooo doooo 

///Intro x2 

C                    F 
I was born I've been running since 
C                 F 
Doing things that made no sense 
There was a devil in me 
I had to set him free 

C            F 
New moons of old desires 
C                  F 
Things burn if you set 'em on fire 
I've learned you gotta be courageous 
In time everything changes 

C F For what it's worth C F Strangers Am We don't wanna get hurt G Even now I'm in danger C F For what it's worth C F We're strangers Am For better or worse G We're in love with danger
///Intro C F If things seem better when they're far away C F then that's exactly where they'll be staying now Am What about the devil in you? G Are you gonna cut it loose? C F I woke up on a rainy street C F Face streaming an'a sobbin' heat Am Closed my eyes and it got dark G All the sudden I saw a spark
C F For what it's worth C F Strangers Am We don't wanna get hurt G Even now I'm in danger C F Now I get the feeling C F We can lose Am The cracks are there G Where the light shines through
///Bridge F Am G x2 F C G x2 ///Chorus II (only play C the first two verses coming off the bridge) ///Intro x2 (end with a C)

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