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Hero Chords


Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by hebealmeida

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Bm       G                D  A 
Who ever told you you can?t win 
Bm              G          D                A 
Who ever said that if you fail don?t try again 
It?s in the ordinary 
Deep in the weak and weary 
Bm              G         D                 A 
The power to overcome the fear you?re holding in 

D A You could be a Hero Bm G You could be the change in this world D A Rise above the Normal Bm G Don?t have to be afraid any more D A We are the light we are the hope Bm G We are the love inside worth fighting for D A Bm G You could be, you could be, you could be a hero
Bm G D A You don?t have to look that hard to see Bm G D A You don?t have to reach that far to find someone in need Em G There is a desperation deep in this generation Bm G D A Looking for something new a love they can believe G D Bm Love will even cross the ocean wide Em D Love will lose it all to save a life Bm G D A Because of the love God gave you?ll find Bm G D A That you could be a hero

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