Kurt Vile


Kurt Vile

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  Aadd9   Aadd9   Bm   Aadd9 
  Aadd9   Aadd9   Bm   Aadd9 
  C D   E5   
  C D   E5
Oh my darling I was born when I met you 
If you don't mind now would I lie cuz could I get you 
To re-design and re-deliver me again 

I'll be your baby and I'll be your father 

Your little brother won't be no bother 
      Bm                           Aadd9 
Just born in autumn, came and I am here 

C                       D          E5 
I see you saw me in the mirror in half 
C                         D                   E5  
it's so exciting that we both just laugh and laugh 

The other night you were away I missed you so bad 
I found me doing something desperate I was so sad 
I swear I held my own hand pretending it was yours 

Oh my monkey love is funny when it's so strong 
And it's so strong and it goes on for so, so long 
And it's long and strong and funny and it pours  

D E G E D E C D E G E C D E G E G E G E   

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